don’t imagine your otp slow dancing in their socks while the taller of the two hums a tune (terribly) for them to dance to and the shorter has their face pressed into the taller one’s shoulder. don’t imagine it.


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((warin drags isaac to the convenience store to bother bates and isaac just stands off to the side like “:T”))

"Cerus! " A happy little Swan called as she saw the man, prancing over to promptly give him a hug.


"Swan?"Cerus barely had the time to utter that single word before the girl hugged him. He hugged her back with a smile. "It’s been a long time since I saw you last", he beamed to her, as he let go a few moments later. "What have you been up to?"

With a big smile, she looked up at him and folded her hands behind her back. “Making friends, exploring, the usual!” Of course as Cerus knew, the usual was mostly filled with her getting herself in danger then miraculously getting out of it. “What about you?”



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—-; There was a tug and a pull to his sheets when he felt that extra weight against his back, causing him to groan and fumble in and out of his consciousness. His mind immediately thought of his younger sister, Felicia, who always had a tendency of climbing into his bed till the age of twelve. That was three years ago. 

"Don’ tell me you havin’ nightmares again…" He murmured, keeping his eyes closed. He struggled within his sheets again. "…Come on, you can’t just kee—hey!" 

Though as he finally turned to the other side he was greeted with another familiar face, a face that was obviously not his sister.
"You ain’t Felicia…! Hey, wake up!"

He smiled, nodding, assuring her of safety—for that moment, anyway. Truthfully, he wasn’t anyone’s idea of a bodyguard nor someone to go to when one needed protection, but he did try, and he would try. Would there really be any problems though? 

No, that night…

"U-uh, yeah!" Right, he forgot he mentioned Felicia in the first place, if for a minute. "Oh, she’s really bright—optimistic, friendly, nice, creative, smart. A lot of things I ain’t."

Sleepily, she smiled at him. “Aw, well that’s not true. You’re plenty friendly and nice, and you’re smart. I bet you’re all of those things too.” She definitely felt better; Randy being so willing to hear her out made her feel sort of at ease. In a way, he reminded her a lot of Finch- which made her happy and sad at the same time.

"She sounds real nice, though. I’d like to meet her."

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Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal

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With the sun bearing down, Bates attempted to dress a new wound on her leg; likely just from a tangle with some barbed wire, but bleeding nonetheless. Chances are the spot she chose wasn’t the safest, but she didn’t exactly care. Letting out a frustrated groan once she had finished, her eyes turned back up to the wastes in front of her, hand floating down to her Ripper instinctively.

((thank you for the kind words friends ;w; my guinea chub had a long life of rose petals and celery and she passed painlessly. She can go prance around with her sister in piggie heaven now.))


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